Material Inventory Management

Whether it’s limited space or limited manpower, nothing can be more frustrating than not having the resources required to store and manage the materials you need for your upcoming project. The Ozinga inventory management system will keep your materials close, mobile, safe, and climate-controlled. Plus, you won’t need the space or manpower required to manage your own inventory.

Benefits of Inventory Management

Avoid Property

Our vast network of large indoor or outdoor storage facilities save you space and allow you to downsize. Since your materials will be easily accessible, you can use a just-in-time inventory, enabling more efficient operations.

Less Worry

Our dry, climate controlled facilities keep your materials safe so you don’t have to worry about changes in the weather.

Move Faster

You can move your bulk materials inventory faster than ever using our centrally-located storage facilities and our broad network of truck, rail, and barge terminals.

Less Cost

The last thing you want is additional expenses for space, manpower, or lost or destroyed materials. Our inventory management program, eliminates a lot of those unnecessary costs, giving your business the upper hand.

Locations That Offer This Service

South Chicago
Rock Creek

7 Terminals puts us close to your jobsite.

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