Ozinga is a bulk materials transportation provider offering customized solutions for customers in a wide assortment of industries. From construction to utility work to agriculture, our multi-service approach and years of experience allow us to locate materials, facilitate disposal, or haul your bulk materials via road, water or rail.

When partnering with Ozinga, you can expect a commitment to service, quality and safety. Our materials transportation services rely on our state-of-the-art technology that includes real-time tracking and status update information, so you’ll always have access to your materials. We are completely dedicated to providing a superior customer service experience for you and your customers.

Material Transportation by Road

When you need dry materials hauled from one location to another, timing matters. You want to be sure it will get where it needs to go as efficiently as possible. Our vast fleet of material transportation vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology with real-time tracking and status update information.

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Material Transportation by Rail

It’s no secret that shipping bulk materials by rail can simplify the transportation of your bulk materials and cut down on the expensive costs associated with it. The real secret to making it work for you is using a network that minimizes the time required to load, unload, and transload it.

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Material Transportation by Water

When you need to transport dry materials in the midwest, sometimes by sea is best. In addition to being sustainable and creating operational efficiencies, barging is often the most cost effective way to move large quantities of dry materials.

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“In today’s business world, it’s nice to have a partner who does what they say they will do—professionally, promptly, and with integrity. Ozinga has been very easy to work with, and when they say they’ll do something, they actually do it!We count on them for unloading and cleaning barges, storing our bulk materials, and dispatching them on a timely and accurate basis. Their dispatch folks are professional, thorough, and good communicators. We’ve found a business partner we can trust.”

Jim Coens

Vice President, Sales, ConservFS

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