Material Transportation by Water

Connect your global supply chain across the Great Lakes seaway system and the inland river system. Our 9 port locations can swiftly move large quantities of materials between Peoria and Chicagoland, including the Chicago River systems and Calumet Harbor. Combine our full-service harbor and fleeting abilities with our network of rail and truck transportation, and your materials can move through the Midwest using the most cost-effective and hassle-free route.

The Benefits of Material Transportation by Water

Operational Efficiencies

Companies rely on efficiency, so it makes sense to choose a method of transportation that enhances this need. Moving material via barge creates multiple operational efficiencies that are extremely beneficial to companies. First, it allows you to have more control over your inventory. Since one barge carries the equivalent of 17 railcars or 75 semi-trucks, moving your material using one barge allows you to have better control of where your inventory is located.

Cost Effective

Water is often the most economical way to move large quantities of materials over great distances. In general, the longer the distance traveled, the more economical barging becomes. Since all companies care deeply about their bottom line, this is a smart choice.


When your company moves material via water, you’ll require fewer trucks and railcars to be on the road. Water transportation causes far less air pollution than trucking and rail, and it also consumes less energy per ton-mile of freight carried. Additionally, since water transportation relies on a few terminals and connections, they don’t take up any land space, which keeps natural plant and animal habitats intact or allows for urban development.

Locations that offer Material Transportation by Water

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